Monday, April 12, 2010

Half World by Hiromi Goto YP FIC GOTO

Long ago there were three Realms: The Realm of Flesh: living world that we all exist in, The Realm of Spirit: the place all souls that have broken the cycle of sin ascend to, and Half World: the place in between that spirits can try and relive their sins and grief until they are free from them and reborn into the Realm of Flesh, so they may once more try and attain enlightenment. Somehow the balance was broken and these realms were split. Our world grows darker and crueler and Half World is stuck in a perpetual cycle of suffering and decay. Only an impossible child, a child born in the unloving Half World can restore the balance. Melanie Tamaki finds she may be that child when her mother disappears and a monster named Mr. Glueskin calls to tell her she must return to Half World or her mother will die. This begins an adventure to a magical and monstrous world where Melanie must not only save herself and her mother but also the entire world.

I really dug this one. I picked it up and couldn’t put it down. It is like a really twisted and scary fairy tale. Half World is filled with all sorts of gross and disgusting creatures and Hiromi Goto really brings them to horrid life. The plot is very fast paced and I really liked Melanie because she is a very normal young girl and spends most of the book scared out of her wits. This really brought me into the story because it made me like her more and be more frightened for her. I just loved how gross and creepy this book was, especially Mr. Glueskin. He’s this monster that looks like a man with dripping glue for flesh that constantly sags. He can catch people with his super long glue tongue and swallow the whole! It makes my skin crawl just thinking about him! So if you want a fun adventure book that is also filled with gross scares, pick this one up.

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