Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Ring by Bobbie Pyron YP FIC PYRON

15 year old Mardie is one step from Juvie and ready to snap. She never used to get in trouble, but bad friends and bad choices have put her in bigger trouble then she thought possible. To make things worse her friends abandon her, her boyfriend dumps her, and her family treats her like a criminal. So when she finds out her local gym has a girl's boxing class she thinks she finally has a place where she can fight. She soon finds that boxing is not about fighting but about discipline, inner strength, and strategy and uses these new gifts to fight her personal problems outside the ring.

I liked Mardie right away and really wanted to root for her. She makes the same mistakes that many teenagers make (lying to parents, shoplifting, sneaking out at night), but is too new at being 'bad' and almost always gets caught. The fact that she's a good person drawn to doing bad things was interesting. Most of the secondary characters were developed and added to the story. I especially liked her boxing teamates and how their characters were developed. The training scenes are exciting and the sparring and boxing chapters really drew me in. This is a great read for anyone that likes girl power books with a punch (sorry I couldn't resist it).

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