Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stuck on Earth by David Klass YP FIC KLASS

Being a less than popular fourteen year old can make you feel like a total alien. In Tom Fillber’s case it just became true. A slug like alien named Ketchvar has crawled up his nose and taken over his brain. Ketchvar has been sent to decide if Earthlings are too violent, aggressive, and illogical to keep living. Unfortunately, Ketchvar has to deal with Tom’s crazy family, sociopathic bullies, and Tom’s crush on the next door neighbor seems to be affecting his normally impeccable alien judgment. Humanity just may be doomed to extinction by middle schoolers!

I really love the central idea behind the book: does humanity really deserve to be the number one species on Earth? It can definitely feel like this planet would be better off without us, especially at fourteen. Stuck on Earth takes on this age old question with humor and wit. I loved Kecthvar’s formal way of talking and inability to understand normal human customs. It’s something Sci-Fi comedies have done before, but David Klass keeps it fresh and makes it seem new. This is a fun and easy read good for just about anyone.

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