Monday, February 1, 2010

Wish You Were Dead by Todd Strasser YP FIC STRASSER

An anonymous blogger called Str-S-d wishes Lucy Cunningham, the most popular student in school was dead. The next day Lucy disappears and the small affluent town is thrown into a panic. Madison is a teen girl at the center of the mystery. Lucy was once her best friend and soon Madison receives notes warning her she is in danger. Could it be Madison’s long time cyber stalker or the new boy Tyler, that Madison can’t help being drawn to? And when more of Lucy’s friends appear on Str-S-d’s blog and then disappear will she be able to solve the mystery and save her friends?

Wish You Were Dead is a white knuckle thriller that grabs you (and poor Lucy) from the very first chapter and hooks you in until the last page. The author ends chapters with the kidnapper’s point of view. These sections are super creepy and scary without giving away who the villain is. There are plenty of great plot twists and I was kept guessing until the very end. Everything plays out like a really fun and scary horror movie, which means there are times you’ll want to yell at the characters, “What are you doing!? Don’t go in there!” But that’s what makes scary books fun. Best of all, Todd Strasser will be writing two more books in this series, so there are plenty more scares to come!

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