Friday, May 21, 2010

The Enemy by Charlie Higson YP FIC HIGSON

A terrible disease sweeps the world affecting everyone over the age of 16, killing most the adults on the planets. They were the lucky ones. The adults that don't die turn into rotting child eating monsters, hunting and killing all they can find. In London small pockets of kids survive by banding together and making fortresses out of abandoned buildings, but the grown-ups are getting braver, smarter even and picking off kids one by one. As hope wanes a new boy arrives with a fantastic story of a place with no grown-ups, a place with food, a place that's safe: Buckingham Palace! Two groups of survivors pull their forces and decide to make the dangerous trek to their last hope of safety, but are they chasing a Fairy Tale? They'll soon find there more monster than grown-ups to worry about.

FAIR WARNING: Like the zombies, this book goes for the jugular and doesn't let go. It is absolutely filled with horror, suspense, and action and the reader (like the books kids) never feels safe. This may be the scariest book I've read all year; like, keep-the-closet-light-on-when-you-sleep-after-reading-it scary. What makes the book so brutal is that it gets you really invested in the characters in the book, but none of them are safe. You get to know and like the characters very quickly and you hope they are going to make it, but all of the sudden BAM: Zombie Food. This is definitely a very gross book with some gore here and there, but it is never graphic enough that it becomes unreadable or offensive. However, I'd definitely say this is more for serious horror and suspense fans than the "Zombies are Funny" type. The book is left open for a sequel, so there are a few unresolved plotlines, but it doesn't end with a huge cliffhanger

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