Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Face by Stephen Emond YP FIC EMOND

The bad news is that our hero’s life is pretty terrible. The good news is he’s at a new school and nobody knows it! That’s how he becomes Happyface, the likeable (and for the first time ever popular) guy that always has a funny joke and a smile. Told entirely through Happyface’s journal and his sketches see his transformation from geek to cool and if he can stand keeping up a Happyface and all his secrets from his new friends.

I picked this up thinking “Oh, a Diary of a Wimpy Kid for the high school set,” but soon realized that it is more Diary of a Wimpy Kid but he has unaddressed emotional problems! However, by the time I was done I realized that Happyface is good enough to stand entirely on its own. Happyface is a very funny narrator and also a nicely complex character. He hides his past from the reader as well as his new friends so it adds excitement having him reveal it over time. I love the drawings and minicomics that go throughout the book. They never feel gimmicky and always work to make the story better and reveal Happyface’s character. The book also has well developed supporting characters that add to the drama and comedy. Give it a shot if you are looking for something funny with a bit of drama.

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