Thursday, May 6, 2010

Possessing Jessie by Nancy Springer YP FIC SPRINGER

Jessie always lived in her younger brother’s shadow, but now that he’s dead she feels like the ghost. A sudden decision to cut her hair and start dressing like him finally gets her mom’s attention, but also makes her an outcast at school. As Jessie starts acting more like Jason to try and reach her mother she starts losing touch of who she really is. As she realizes that Jason may be trying to cheat death and steal her life it may already be too late.

This is a quick creepy read that has some super freaky moments. I liked how it jumped straight into the story and everything moved quickly. What seems like a story about the psychological effects of grief subtly turned into a supernatural thriller, but in a way that keeps the reader guessing about what’s real or not to the last page. Although I liked that it was a short and easy read, I was a little disappointed in how short. Overall it is a good summer read for people in the mood for something a little twisted.

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