Thursday, May 27, 2010

Living Hell by Catherine Jinks YP FIC JINKS

Cheyney has never seen the Earth. He has lived all of his 17 years aboard the completely self sustaining ship the Plexus. Everything he knows and believes changes after the ship is hit by a strange radiation wave. The ship changes into a biological life-form and the now alive ship sees the crew as foreign invaders in its body. The Plexus uses the technology that used to nurture them to try and kill the crew. Cheyney and his friends must band together and find a way to survive and escape this Living Hell.

With The Enemy and now this we are going to have a seriously scary summer. Jinks is an accomplished writer with several hits like Evil Genius and The Reformed Vampire Support Group and excels at writing action and crafting characters the reader will be drawn to. Living Hell does not disappoint. It is a scary and suspenseful as the movies that obviously helped inspire it (Aliens, Event Horizon,etc.). This is definitely a read for people that aren't too squeamish because it has some pretty icky scenes. If you're looking for a fast paced action/sci-fi/horror book then you won't do much better than Living Hell.

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