Thursday, November 4, 2010

Batman Life After Death by Tony S. Daniel YP FIC DANIEL

Richard Grayson may have his greatest challenge filling the shoes of Batman when the nefarious supercriminal Black Mask returns to take over Gotham. With him are an evil group of Mad Scientists called the Ministry of Science and a resurrected Reaper. If that wasn’t enough there is a new turf war as the crime family Bruce Wayne wiped out years ago the Falcones returns to take Gotham back for the mob. Gotham will die if the Robin turned Nightwing turned Batman can’t live up to the title of World’s Greatest Detective and solve one of the biggest mysteries of Batman’s career!

This is a great action packed batman story that show’s off the detective side of Batman. There are loads of cameos and villains without it seeming to confusing or crowded. Daniel’s art as always is great at moving action and telling a story, but he never breaks new ground with his style. But I guess not everyone has to! This will be most enjoyed by readers that have been following the Batman comics run, but new fans will like it too if they are into superheroics. As an added bonus there is a really cool two part Riddler story after the main story.

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