Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Night Fisher by R. Kikuo Johnson YP FOC JOHNSON

Loren Foster lives in paradise, but isn’t all that impressed. He and his father moved to Hawaii 6 years ago and Loren still feels like an outsider drifting through his life towards the end of school and an uncertain future. His best friend is pulling further away and his attempt to reconnect with Loren through the popular pastime of hard drugs threatens to derail all their lives. A smart, beautifully drawn look at the wasteland between adolescence and adulthood.

So after all the cheery talk in my summary you might be surprised to learn that this is not a super bleak look at the ruined lives of broken teens. It is a realistic look at teenage apathy and dealing with finding your identity while trying to form connections with the people around you. The completely black and white art is super stark and helps get across the point of isolation and looks amazing. The line work and design of the book are really good (this isn’t always the case with “SERIOUS” comics). and the book would be worth checking out even without the great characterization This is a really great book for fans of mature, realistic comics.

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