Friday, November 19, 2010

Girl, Stolen by April Henry YP FIC HENRY

Sixteen year old Cheyenne Wilder is having a rough day. She’s feeling really sick and her mom was just running into the store to get some medicine when the car she is laying down in is stolen with her stolen along with it. Now a car thief has become a kidnapper and the stakes just became life and death. The one thing that is keeping her alive also keeps her from escaping: Cheyenne is blind. She wants to trust a captor who seems to want to help her, but trust is a deadly luxury. Cheyenne is blind, seriously ill, and running out of time in this nail biting, pulse pounding thriller.

This novel starts tense and ratchets up the suspense quick. The relationship between Cheyenne and her nicest kidnapper Griffin is a great way to keep the conflict fresh. The back and forth between the two of trust and doubt is exciting and moves the dram forward really well. The characters feel like humans that are making horrifically bad decisions driven by greed rather than inhuman villains. This actually makes the book scarier, because you can see how this could happen to anyone in bad enough circumstances. A good thriller, kept from being great by being sort or predictable and having the ending feel rushed, BUT a really fun read for people wanting something fast, fun, and interesting.

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