Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dawn Land by Joseph Bruchac art by Will Davis YP FIC BRUCHAC

A story from before history, Dawn Land tells of the ancient people that lived in North America and one young man’s battle against an ancient evil that threatens to destroy them all. Young Hunter was almost killed by the Ancient Ones, evil blood drinking giants, when he was a baby. His cousin Weasel Tail defended him but was marked and infected with the ancient Ones’ evil. Now the Ancient Ones call and Young Hunter must track down his old friend and defeat the evil forces.

This is a classic folk tale brought to life by Will Davis’s excellent artwork. It has the look of something timeless and classic and brings the action alive with a great sense of movement. The story is very well researched and based on Bruchac’s novel of the same name. Bruchac knows a great deal about the Abenaki people this story is about and that authenticity makes the story feel real even though it has elements of legend and folktale. If you like stories of ancient times and myths and legends then you should check out Dawn Land. It has all the makings of a modern classic.

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