Monday, November 1, 2010

Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters by Natalie Standiford YP FIC STANDIFO

Norrie, Jane, and Sassy Sullivan have something to confess. Their very rich and very angry grandmother Almighty Sullivan has decreed that none of the Sullivan family will get a dime from her estate because one of the Sullivans has offended her, unless the nameless and offending party apologizes. So the three girls unbury all their secrets that are once, romantic, dark, funny, and sad in this story of wealth, power, emptiness, and forgiveness.

This is the second book by Standiford. Her first How to Say Goodbye in Robot is still one of my favorite books about friendship I’ve read in years. Confessions isn’t quite as memorable as her first book, but it still has a lot going for it. Standiford crafts a cast of interesting characters and takes a deeper look at the superficial lives of the privileged and pampered. All the confessions are first person and separate. There is some crossover between the sister’s events but not much. I think this was to show how separate the lives of the sisters are becoming, but it would have been nice to have to confessions be more related. The book ties things off in the end very nicely and it has a good payoff. If you are fans of realistic fiction with a helping of humor, check this one out.

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