Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flash: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues by Geoff Johns Illustrated by Francis Manapul YP FIC JOHNS

The Flash is back and on the attack! Barry Allen is back from being trapped in the speed force since literally the 80s and is ready to get his life going again. Unfortunately, while he’s trying to solve Central City’s cold cases a brand new case hits his desk. Someone dressed like one of Flash’s old rogues winds up dead and Flash is the killer! At least that’s what the Rengades, time travelling cops that stop criminals from the past say. They have all the powers of his deadliest rogues, and have trained to fight his most deadly nemesis with the exact sane powers of him the Reverse Flash, Professor Zoom. How can Flash stop himself from committing a murder before the Future Cops stop him from stopping himself?

This is a fast paced, rollicking good time with excellent art, I hadn’t seen Francis Manapul’s work before this, but I love it. It is highly stylized and slick and goes great with the rich colors they use for the comic. they do a great job of making Flash’s enemies seem dangerous and cool (which is a tough feat considering how lame they usually come off!) This is pretty straight forward superhero fare with a bunch of fights and action, which is never a bad thing in my book. The far and above best part of the comic is when Flash’s Rogues meet the future Renegades and they all have a mega super battle of awesome and identical powers with Flash in the middle. It was a super awesome battle royale. This is a good read for fans of old fashioned super heroics

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