Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Wild: The Secret Journeys of Jack London by Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon YP FIC GOLDEN

Everyone knows that Jack London knows adventure. His stories of survival and danger in the harshest of climates were all based on his own travels as a young man. What people don’t know is of his secret adventures, adventures too unbelievable to write of…until now! 17 year old Jack London sets off for the Yukon during the Gold Rush. There he finds desperate criminals, harsh freezing weather, and a mysterious beast in the woods. Jack finds that the beast is actually the mythical Wendigo, a cursed once human creature that must feast on human flesh. Jack is saved by the Wendigo by a beautiful woman, but she holds secrets darker and more dangerous than even then Wendigo.

This is a cracking good start to a new series. Fans of adventure books should love seeing a young Jack London battle the elements and mystical creatures. The gritty realism of the first half of the book grounds the more fantastic elements very well. It makes the danger seem more present and severe. Jack is tough, smart, and resourceful but he’s not superhuman, so when he faces such grueling conditions and dangers it is made more exciting and believable because of his limitations. Pushing the limits of human limitations is ultimately what a lot of great Jack London books are about and the essence of great adventure. If you want a well written, action packed read then The Wild is your next can’t-put-it-down book. And if you enjoy this book definitely check out the main character’s actual books in FIC LONDON.

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