Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne by Grant Morrison art by various artists YP FIC MORRISON

Bruce Wayne (the ORIGINAL BATMAN duh!) is coming back…THROUGH TIME!!! But if our Batastic hero makes it through the various time jaunts to the present he will destroy the Earth! For when Darkseid hit Batman with the omega effect (in Final Crisis YP FIC MORRISON), the Bat was charged with a sort of omega energy that will destroy all time if he ever returns to the present. One problem: NOTHING STOPS BATMAN!!! So as Bruce travels through time one of humanities greatest heroes is soon to become the universes greatest villain! And that is if and only if he survives cavepeople, witch hunters and ancient evils from beyond time and space, pirates (even Blackbeard!), cowboys, gangsters that want to frame his dead father for killing his mother, and assorted superhero ‘friends’ trying to kill him to save the universe!

Grant Morrison delivers again in another inventive and wacky Batman story that rewrites the mythos of the Bat and the entire Wayne family. Morrison has had an epic (and sometimes overly complicated) story that rewrites Batman’s entire past, kills him, sends him through time, and resurrects him. This is a great and weird piece in his bizzaro puzzle. The art changes with each time period but is excellent throughout. The work remains tense, because while you never really buy Batman would die from some measly pirates or pilgrims, you will wonder how he can defeat the Darkseid Curse. I do recommend starting with early Morrison Batman tales, but this book can be thoroughly enjoyed by comic book and Batman fans without knowing the full back story.

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