Saturday, April 9, 2011

Department 19 by Will Hill YP FIC HILL

Jamie Carpenter’s life changed forever the night he saw the dark shapes in the trees and his father gunned down by a squad of police. He believed what everyone else in the country believed: that his father was a traitor to the nation, killed before he could aid terrorists carry out a terrorist attack. His life changes even foreverer when he is attacked by a hot vampire girl and his mother is kidnapped by an ancient evil vampire master and he is only saved at the last second by the Frankenstein monster! Frankenstein (he’s taken his ‘father’s’ name) takes him to a secret government organization started in the 1800s by the Van Helsing family to police supernatural evil: Department 19. Now Jamie must learn to hunt the creatures of the night, kill the most powerful vampire on Earth, and save his mom all while watching out for his own neck in the first bloody adventure in a brand new series.

This book is just totally awesome. It is filled with all sorts of vampire killing action. These vampires don’t glitter or pledge their eternal love, they’re throat ripping killing machines that have to be destroyed. And destroyed they are in explosions of blood! Hill writes action very well keeping the plot racing at a super fast clip even when devoting occasional chapters to past exploits of Department 19. The characters are likeable and you’ll find yourself rooting for them. Even though most of the supporting cast is mainly stock characters the action and skill with descriptive language make this one of the finest new supernatural thriller series in a long time. Fans of Darren Shan novels (YP FIC SHAN), The Enemy by Charles Higson YP FIC HIGSON, and the Blood Ninja series by Nick Lake (YP FIC LAKE) will LOVE Department 19 and vice versa!

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