Saturday, April 9, 2011

Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves YP FIC REEVES

Kit and Fancy Cordelle are best friends, sisters, and partners in crime. Their father was the infamous Bonesaw Killer, so it seems murder runs in their blood. They decide their bloodlust should only be satisfied with those who truly deserve it, but what to do with those pesky bodies? When Fancy discovers a doorway to a mysterious world the girls think they have the perfect spot to torture evildoers, but budding romances and emerging supernatural powers within the girls threaten to rip their happy family apart in this deliriously twisted companion novel to Bleeding Violet.

Brrrrrrr. This book gave me shivers of the creepiest kind. This si sort of a fantasy meets Dexter for teens. The girls are murderous sociopaths, but of bad guys…with magic! The kids are sick and twisted and delight in torture and blood, and they’re the heroes of the book! So clearly this violent and dark fantasy is not for everyone, but it has a weird appeal. Kit and Fancy’s madness and bloodlust is sort of fascinating in a bizarre way. You actually believe them as real (insane) people and their relationship is the core of the book. The two boys they fall in love with never seem as vibrant or original as the sisters, so their plotline kind of drags. The fantasy world is very well described and I wish there was more time put into the back story, like there was in Bleeding Violet, but the magical element does go very well with the sisters’ insanity. The main thing that will determine if you enjoy Slice of Cherry is if you like twisted, violent tales filled with bad people getting away with bad things.

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