Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Library Wars: Love and War Volume 1 by Kiiro Yumi YP FIC YUMI

The government of Japan has set up the Media Betterment Committee to police all forms of media for appropriateness.  In response the Library Defense Force is formed to defend books and freedom of choice for all people.  A war of words soon leads to a battle of arms.  Iku Kasahara was inspired by a chance encounter with an officer of the LDF to join the fight. Now she trains her hardest to make her mystery mentor proud by being the first female member of the LDF, but is undercut at every turn by her hard driving drill instructor Dojo.  But sometimes she sees a softer side of Dojo, what does it mean and where is she supposed to find the Genealogy books?

Of course I had to read a shojo manga about heroic librarians.  And while I may be biased, I think this one has a lot to offer shojo fans.  The characters and romantic plot are somewhat typical, but the setting is fun and very unique.  I love the focus on the devotion to preserve knowledge and art (any librarian’s true calling!).  The passion the character’s feel adds a level of humanity to the book.  These people have a truly noble goal and it made me like them a great deal more than the average shojo cast.  I look forward to further volumes where we can hopefully see more actual conflict between the LDF and the MBC.  Check it out if you love libraries and/or shojo.

P.S.  this is a very realistic account of library life.  We fight wars and fall in love with each other all the time for reals ya’ll.

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Vivi said...

You totally sold me on this manga!