Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Superman: Mon-EL byJames Robinson Illustrated by Renato Guedes and Jose Wilson Magalhaes YP FIC ROBINSON

Mon-El met Superman when he was just a Superboy, and young Clark Kent thought he had found a fellow Kryptonian, but unfortunately Mon-el was a Daxamite and Clark accidentally poisoned him and had to banish him to the Forbidden Zone. Oops. But after the Phantom Zone started to vanish Mon-El was freed and cured. Now with Superman off trying to help build New Krypton (long story) someone has to keep the world safe. Mon-El steps in to be the world’s hero only to find that his cure was temporary and he is flying on borrowed time.

Okay, so all that up there is confusing, but the book does a great job of including short comics to introduce all the main characters of the book, so when the storyline gets going even a total newbie will be able to follow. What makes Mon-El such a fun book is to see someone with all the powers of Superman, but without his training. The book is filled with loads of action and a bunch of weird lesser known DC heroes and villains from around the world. The art by Guedes and Magalhaes is top notch. I think this is a good read for someone wanting an interesting and fast paced super hero story.

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