Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Stuff of Legend Book 1: The Dark by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith illustrated by Charles Paul Wilson III YP FIC RAICHT

When The Boy is taken into The Dark by the Boogeyman (the very embodiment of all that is very very bad himself) it is up to his toys to rescue him. Together a toy soldier, and Indian princess, a teddy bear, a duck on wheels, a jack in the box, a princess, a piggy bank, and The Boy’s dog head into the closet. On the other side they emerge as the real life counterparts of their toy selves and head in search of The Boy and against the armies of the Boogeyman, but will the Boogeyman’s evil be able to divide the toys against each other and stop their journey as soon as it’s begun?

Sort of like a WAY more creepy and action packed version of Toy Story, The Stuff of Legend jumps to an impressive start. It is a classic epic journey with a motley crew of adventurers on a quest. I loved the character interaction and the crooked board game run by an evil mayor was twisted fun. The artwork is superb throughout with the world of the Dark imagined as a mixture of childhood fantasy and nightmare. The use of the yellowish background brings to mind a old faded storybook, which fits perfectly with the books themes. I look forward to future volumes and getting to know the characters in greater detail.

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