Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol YP FIC BROSGOL

Anya sort of just blends in at school. She has one real friend and guys seem to think she’s invisible.  It could be worse she could be a total FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) like her fellow Russian émigré, Dima. All that changes, when she falls down a well (that really happens?) and meets a ghost named Emily.  Emily decides to follow her home and Anya finds having an invisible friend makes test time a lot easier.  Soon Emily is helping Anya get noticed by guys too, but as Emily starts doing more for Anya she wants more control. When Anya tries to break away she finds that Emily has a dark side and a hidden past that could prove…DEADLY.

Anya’s Ghost is funny, touching, and has excellent art.  The large eyes are cartoonish and filled with character and emotion.  Her works reminds me of Faith Hicks who did War at Ellsmere which I reviewed earlier.  What I like about the book is that Anya’s turn around feels earned and deserved.  The basic plot is dangerously close to an episode of iCarly where Carly totally learns the value of friendship, but some excellent art and well chosen dark turns of the plot keep it from being a trite story.  It’s a hugely enjoyable read for fans of comic art and good storytelling.

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