Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Superman: Earth One by J. Michael Straczynski Illustrated by Shane Daniels YP FIC STRACZYN

Clark Kent just wants to be normal and fit in, unfortunately he can see through walls, has lasers come out of his eyes, he’s more powerful than a locomotive, faster than a speeding bullet, and he can fly. He’s very super, but he just wants to be a man. With his great gifts he could be the world’s best athlete, a rich scientist, or toil thanklessly to police and save the entire Earth. Just as he thinks he’s made his decision an enemy he never knew existed comes to Earth with one mission: Kill the last Kryptonian.

Sort of Straczynski’s answer to Miller’s Batman: Year One, but not as groundbreaking, Earth One is good but not one of the greats. Con: Tyrell the villain invented by Straczynski as the destroyer of Krypton just looks plain silly. Straczynski has a habit of this, inventing a brand new villain that looks unimpressive but saying they are the Greatest Foe the hero has ever faced!!! He did it multiple times with Spider-Man and it didn’t work then either. Another Con: Nothing in this story seems new or different enough to reboot Superman as just another modern dude trying to find himself. Pro: the idea of Superman playing sports is great fun. Pro: good art and action (except for how silly the villain looks). All in all a good read for Superman and super hero fans, but far short of a new classic.

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