Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Batman & Robin: Batman & Robin Must Die! By Grant Morrison Art by Frazier Irving and David Finch YP FIC MORRISON

The Joker has returned to Gotham and this time he’s here to save the day.  Seriously.  He’s decide to use Batman and Robin (The Original Robin and Damien Wayne son of The One True Batman respectively) to fight the Black Glove and stop him from destroying Gotham.  Who will get the last laugh?

This is the conclusion (maybe) to the loooong running Black Glove storyline that features master criminal/alien-demon possessed/Thomas Wayne impersonating/Satan figure The Black Mask.  The final confrontation between and army of criminals, Batman & Robin, The Joker, and the One True Batman (FINALLY BACK!) is truly stellar.  Frazer Irving has an art style that is super detailed and mixes realism and stylism wonderfully.  Grnat Morrison is always at his demented best with Batman and I love his take on Damien Wayne as Robin, the former Robin as Batman, and the One True Batman’s return.  This is a fitting climax to a strange and brilliant ride.  As a bonus it has a prelude to the awesome Batman Incorporated.  This is a must read for Batman fans but I’d start with our earlier collections if you want to enjoy this volume.

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