Saturday, August 13, 2011

Z is for Zombie Al Illustrated Guide to the End of the World by Adam-Troy Castro Illustrated by Johnny Atomic YP FIC CASTRO

From A is for Apocalypse to Z is for Zombie, you will learn your ABCs of terror, hopelessness, and death (and undeath) with Z is for Zombie.  Learn survival skills, do’s and don’ts, coping skills, and survivor etiquette.

This is a fast, fun, and gruesome look at the zombie apocalypse.  Fans of zombie movies and books will enjoy Z is for Zombie and it could definitely make loads of new zombie fans too. The art uses the ‘trace over photgraphs’ technique that is super popular in comics right now.  I don’t think it works well in comics, because it make them look too still and static.  However, it is great for this book making all the drawings very realistic and extra creepy.  The zombie humor is spot on the author KNOWS his zombie rules very well and the dark humor works pitch perfect.  As it is a super fast read, grab some other zombie reads like Higson’s Enemy series in YP FIC HIGSON, Zombie Tales in YP FIC ZOMBIE or Max Broox’s Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks in YP FIC BROOKS.

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