Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked this Way Comes : The Authorized Adaptation by Ray Bradbury adapted by Ron Wimberly SF BRADBURY

Cooger & Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show is a carnival like no other. It promises to fulfill your every dream while feeding on your darkest nightmares.  destroying every life touched by its strange and sinister mystery. It’s just rolled into the small town of Green Town, Illinois and best friends Will Halloway and Jim Nightshade are determined to uncover its secrets, but some secrets are best left unknown.

This is a surprisingly faithful adaptation of the original novel.  The wonderful characters and language that bring this creepy tale to magical life is fully intact in this graphic novel adaptation.  I like the artwork quite a bit.  It is funky, odd, and almost cartoonish it is so stylized. It reminds me of the European-Japanese inspired style of Taiyo Matsumoto behind Tekkonkinkreet (FIC MATSUMOTO) and that is a very high compliment coming from me. I only have a minor complaint.  Sometimes the lettering is blurry and you have to read more carefully than you should.  It’s a surprising mistake in a professional publication, but it never makes the words unreadable. With great art and a classic and timeless story you really can’t go wrong.  This is a must read for all fans of dark fantasy young, old, and in between.  Absolutely check out the source material.  The original novel can be found at SF BRADBURY.

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