Saturday, August 13, 2011

Axe Cop by Malachai Nicolle illustrated by Ethan Nicolle YP FIC NICOLLE

Written by a 5 year old!  Drawn by his significantly older brother! Axe Cop!  The cop with an axe that chops off the heads (and frequently poisons) bad guys!  With all the adventure, action, and randomness that could be expected from the over fertile imagination of a five year old. Get ready for more AXEtion and AXEventue than you could ever imagine (unless you are a five year old*)!

Axe Cop is cool!  He has an axe and a mustache and he’s a cop and and and he kills ALL the bad guys!!!  He has a flying dinosaur with gattling gun arms that breathes FIRE and wears shades! he kills all the bad guys!!!

Seriously.  Axe Cop rules.  He has every super power a five year old can think of and fights the most ludicrous enemies imaginable (by a five year old).  I stress the five year old so much because that’s what makes Axe Cop special: it has the delirious excitement and randomness of a child coupled with great art and action scenes.  Ethan does a wonderful job of interpreting his brother’s ideas and handles them without parody.  This makes for the coolest comic ever! It has more insane ideas on one page then most comics do in volumes.  My favorite bits are from the Ask Axe Cop strips.  These mini comics are the most insane and bizarre ideas because they are off the cuff answers to real questions.  If you love Axe Cop (and you will) read his ongoing adventures on  This book is entirely reprints from the website, but has additional notes that weren’t online originally and is WAAAY easier to read than the online format.

*Please don’t let a five year old read Axe Cop! They will probably turn into a bad guy!

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