Saturday, August 6, 2011

Biomega by Tsutomo Nihei YP FIC NIHEI

It’s 3005 and unsurprisingly in a manga set in the far future the world is pretty darn terrible.  A crazy virus is turning humans into drones (super deformed zombies) and kill squads have been sent to exterminate all infected.  Zoichi Kanoe is a synthetic human working for TOA Heavy Industry.  He’s on a mission to find an accomadator in the city.  Someone infected but not zombified.  When he finds her, he finds himself in the middle of a war with the public health service. They’ve decided that humanity needs a facelift and that they’ll take all the accomadators they can kidnap, start a new race, and nuke the “old” humanity.  The basic plot idea is old, recycled, and pretty predictable so far, BUT the art, design, and execution of the action is just stellar.  Nihei makes his world dark and grimy with an impressive attention to details, inking, and shading.  This is a bloody, gory, horror-action book that jumps straight to the point.  The entire book is only 6 volumes, so it doesn’t waste time on anything.  The bad guys are super cool and tough, Zoichi has awesome tech and weapons, and there is a talking bear that uses a laser gun, so the action gets very crazy.  Fans of darker manga or action manga can’t go wrong here.  There aren’t any laughs or much deep philosophy, but with art and action this good I can do without it.

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