Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blood Ninja by Nick Lake YP FIC LAKE

Taro is the son of poor peasants living in feudal Japan. He dreams of one day living a life of adventure and honor, but when ninjas suddenly attack his home everything he thought he knew is destroyed. His father is murdered, a ninja saves him and his mother, and he is mortally wounded. That’s when his ninja savior Shusaku decides to reveal the secret of ninja: they are all vampires. So now Taro is a vampire, training to become a ninja, and on the hit list of the most powerful Lord in Japan, the fearsome Daimyo Lord Tokugawa! On his journey he will be tried, tested, and discover his secret destiny. But he will also learn that revenge has a high price and it is always paid in blood.

The title does not lie; it promises blood and ninjas and it delivers! Blood Ninja is action packed, suspenseful, and thrilling. Even better it is also filled with interesting characters and has a fascinating setting. Nick Lake has clearly done his homework because this novel is filled with interesting Japanese folklore and history, so you can learn about feudal Japan and vampire ninjas at the same time! This makes this a great book for action fans, anime and manga fans, and even fans of historical fiction looking for something a little different. The only complaint I could have is that Blood Ninja is going to be a series and it leaves you wanting the next book right away, but I guess that just shows how deep I sunk my teeth into this one.

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