Wednesday, February 24, 2010

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen written by Alan Moore illustrated by Kevin O’Neill YPFIC MOORE

It is the end of the 19th century and London is in the greatest of perils. She calls now on her greatest heroes and her darkest villains alike to save Britannia. The anonymous benefactor ‘M’ calls forth Miss Mina Murray (Count Dracula’s only surviving victim),England’s finest adventurer: Allan Quartermain, the Mad Mohammedan: Captain Nemo, Dr. Henry Jekyll (and his secret dark side Hyde), and Hawley Griffin: the Invisible Man. Together they must face the evil and deadly opium peddler Fu Manchu, but also there is another threat hiding behind the scenes. When this dastardly villain reveals himself then the League must become a true team if London is to be saved.

This is a fun action and humor filled romp filled with allusions to classic adventure literature. But even if you’ve never read 19th century American and English adventure books you will still love the characters and the intrigue as well as Kevin O’Neill’s striking and original art. Alan Moore is one of the finest writers comic books have ever produced. You may already be familiar with some of his other books like Watchmen or V for Vendetta, but this is one of his most fun series he has ever written. The series has several volumes, so if you like it pick up the rest.

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