Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bone: Out from Boneville by Jeff Smith YP FIC SMITH

The first of a nine volume series of graphic novels, Out of Boneville starts the story of three strange characters from Boneville called Bones (they are entirely white child sized creatures with big noses and tiny black eyes). Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone have been run out of town due to Phoney Bone’s latest get rich quick scheme and have to cross a desert. After they get lost and separated they find themselves in a strange land they have never heard of filled with wondrous and dangerous creatures. Bone makes new friends and is quickly enamored of a local girl named Thorn, but soon discovers that they are in more danger than they know as an ancient evil has awoken and has special plans for the Bone brothers and Thorn that could mean the end of all existence.

Bone is a masterpiece of illustrated fiction. Jeff Smith is a gifted illustrator, using a style that mixes influences from classic animation and classic fantasy to create a style that seems modern and timeless at the same time. He is also a brilliant storyteller and has created truly deep characters that change greatly over the nine volume story. The Bone saga is filled with action, humor, excitement, and emotion. It’s a great pick for almost any one that has an interest in fantasy or in graphic novels in general.

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