Thursday, February 4, 2010

Demon Chick by Marilyn Kaye YP FIC KAYE

Brace yourself. There is a Hell and they have McDonald's. If you think you're surprised imagine how Jessica feels. She doesn't get to find out in a blog, she finds out firsthand when on her 16th birthday she is taken to Hell by a demon because her mother traded her soul for political power. Not the sweetest of 16s, but it isn't all bad. she got a kickin' make over before she was kidnapped, Brad (her demon) is actually a super nice guy, and Hell (the part she lives in anyways) is pretty much just a boring suburb. But then things do go 'all bad' when Jessica finds that her mom's idea of political power is total world domination! Now Jessica has to leave Hell, save the world, and decide if she's falling for a demon.

Demon Chick is a surprisingly lighthearted dark comedy. It does joke about pretty heavy topics like politics and religion, but it never becomes preachy or boring. Instead it focuses on Jessica and how she deals with events of cosmic importance. This keeps the focus kind of small, but it also keeps the reader engaged and interested. This is a good pick for teens that like romantic comedy with a bit of adventure. If you enjoy it then you should also check out Kaye's Gifted series in YP FIC KAYE.

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