Monday, March 8, 2010

Maximum Ride by NaRae Lee YP FIC LEE

What if you could fly, soaring majestically like an eagle through the skies? Would it be a dream come true. Well for Max Ride, and her makeshift “Flock”: Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel it’s more like a nightmare. With the dizzying freedom comes paralyzing fear as they are hunted by werewolf-like supermen called ‘Erasers’ that want to take them back to an ultra-secret base known only as “The School.” When the erasers capture Angel, the youngest of the Flock, everyone has to work together to get her back in this manga adaptation of the hit James Patterson series.

The first volume of this series starts with a bang and doesn’t let up. Lee has done a great job of bringing the novels to life. Things move a lot quicker than in the novels, but a picture is worth a thousand words so I think the equation works out pretty well here. The characters from the books are represented really well here and come to life just as well as in the novels. I think Maximum Ride fans will really like this and I think manga fans will really enjoy it too. Absolutely check out the Maximum Ride novels if you haven’t in YP FIC PATTERSON.

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