Monday, March 22, 2010

I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It by Adam Selzer YP FIC SELZER

Algonquin “Alley” Rhodes is so not into vampires. They’ve become the hottest thing since the world found out that they, zombies, and werewolves were real, but she thinks they’re just immature moody jerks. She thinks that about most guys and is waiting for college in a few months to blow town and never look back, then she meets Doug and everything changes. He’s real Goth, not just some poser, and he’s way more mature then any guy she’s met. Sure he smells funny and has weird health problems, but nobody’s perfect! But when Alley learns that her new boyfriend’s ‘quirks’ are due to his zombieism she has to make some serious choices. Can you break an undead heart? Should she become a zombie too? What to do about the vampire cadre that’s all the sudden decided they want her in her undead gang? Love may live forever, but can it unlive forever?

This may just be the Anti-Twilight as Alley spends a good deal of time making cracks about what losers vampires are and how the people that fall in love with them are total morons, so any Bella and Edward fans should be forewarned. While, it does have a quirky and sweet supernatural romance it’s ultimately a story of NOT rearranging your entire life for first love. Alley is very witty and there is some really clever patter between her and her friends. I sometimes thought Alley was a little too witty and aware of references that are way before her time to be completely believable, but I guess she’s just super cool like that. If you like supernatural romances, but are looking for something a little different this is a fun and easy read.

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