Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Very LeFreak by Rachel Cohn YP FIC COHN

Very LeFreak is very Very. Very busy (starting flash mobs, making playlists, planning parties), very connected (iPod: check, iPhone: check, laptop: check), and very popular (with a trail of broken. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make much time for studying and she’s also very close to flunking and her love them, leave them, forget them attitude is leaving her with almost no real friends. When all this catches up with her it’s time for a very dramatic breakdown and a mandatory trip to Electronics Detox. When Very is unplugged for the first time in years she has to decide if she’s ever really connected to anything or anyone.

I found Very fun, funny, and interesting but not terribly likeable. It’s not just that she has a pretty scandalous life, but also that she just doesn’t treat people very well. As I read the whole story and learned Very’s past I found myself understanding her, but still not entirely liking her. I think the problem is that Cohn has Very’s rehabilitation happen pretty fast and that always seems sort of fake to me. On the bright side the book is filled with Cohn’s excellent dialogue and realistic characters, so if you are a fan of her work you may find plenty to enjoy in this book as well. Overall I like but not loved this one. Like most Cohn novels it’s a good for older readers that like witty gals and their wild lives.

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