Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remote Control by Jack Heath YP FIC HEATH

In the future the entire world is controlled by a single MegaCorp named ChaoSonic. They own every business and make and enforce every law. The only one that opposes them is a secret organization called The Deck. Agent Six is a Heart, a secret field agent that carries out missions against ChaoSonic. He is also a genetically engineered super soldier created by ChaoSonic, but he has to keep that secret or The Deck will “shuffle” him. But when his twin brother is kidnapped in his place he realizes he is facing a new enemy and when The Deck tries to arrest Six, he has to face enemies on all sides. His only friend could be the mysterious girl with powers like his own that keeps following him or she could be his worst enemy. Find out in this action packed sequel to The Lab.

Remote Control starts off with an killer action sequence and keeps the pace going until the very last page. Heath writes really unique and clever action sequences that make you totally buy Six as a Super Secret Agent. The action keeps getting faster, harder, and better as Six faces off impossible odds. This is a good read for fans of action, especially if you like Sci Fi too. You don’t have to read The Lab to keep up with Remote Control, but Lab is a fun action read too.

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