Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Voice of Her Own: Becoming Emily Dickinson by Barbara Dana YP FIC DANA

Emily Dickinson was one of the greatest American poets that has ever written. Before that Emily was just a girl grappling with a growing inner world she did not understand and an outer world that frightened and confused her. Emily grows from child to young woman and finds love, hope, and her own voice in this fictional account of her youth.

Barbara Dana spent over 10 years researching Emily Dickinson to write from her point of view and it pays off. Having read a great deal of Dickinson I was skeptical about this novel, but Dana really has captured Dickinson. She captures her creative spark and wonderful humor and allows a window into her inner world. This is definitely a slow read and there aren’t any plot twists or heroic conflicts, but if you like poetry or historical fiction then give this one a try. Dana’s Dickinson will win over many readers. And if you haven’t already, read some Emily Dickinson! We have several collections in 811.4 DICKINSO.

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