Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Dying Breath: A Forensic Mystery by Alane Ferguson YP FIC FERGUSON

Cameryn Mahoney is turning 18 in just a week and can’t wait to begin her life as an adult, but before she can she must solve her deadliest mystery yet. Her ex-boyfriend Kyle O’Neill has come back and says he’ll love her to “her dying breath,” which might be sweet if he wasn’t also a sociopathic murderer leaving a dead body next to a love note. Cameryn will have to use all her skills and knowledge of forensics to stop the killing and find Kyle before he kills her and the man dearest to her.

This is the fourth book in the Forensic Mystery series. It does a really good job of catching the reader up on the backstory, so it’s easy to jump into. There is some pretty creepy and gruesome stuff in these books, but nothing worse than what you’d see on CSI. The characters take center stage in this volume and Cameryn and her maybe-boyfriend Justin are more of a focus sometimes then the mystery itself. I think the characters were interesting, but it would have nice to have more forensic scenes in this volume. However the scenes they do have are top notch and the book is very suspenseful overall. If you are fan of the million or so forensics shows on TV then you really should check this series out. The previous books can also be found in YP FIC FERGUSON.

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