Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gimme a Call by Sarah Mlynowski YP FIC MLYNOWSK

Devi spent the last three years of her life obsessed with her boyfriend, but now high school is ending, she’s getting dumped, and she’s all alone. And when her cell phone falls into the mall fountain she thinks its final proof that she is cursed, but something super strange happens. When she tries to use her phone it will only call one number: hers. Hers from three years ago! Now Devi can fix everything so she never dated Brian and make the life she really wants. But what does she really want? And will she still want it when she gets it? And does time travel calls cost extra minutes?

Okay, I’ll start off with a minor gripe. I always have a problem with how quickly characters in books accept the magical situations they are in. If I started talking to myself in the past and then altering the past to change my current reality, I would need some MAJOR therapy to deal with the questions. However, once you put those quibbles behind you there is a lot to like about Gimme a Call. It’s fast paced and funny and it’s a great hook to have the two main characters be the same person just a few years apart. It was a great decision to have both Devis as narrators. Anyone that has found an old journal or diary can relate to how weird it is to reconnect with yourself and this book handles that very well. The fast pace means that we get to see plenty of different timelines as Older Devi pressures younger Devi into trying all sorts of ways into improving their life. So definitely check it out if you are looking for some fun and funny summer reading.

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