Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Beautiful Dead: Jonas by Eden Maguire YP FIC MAGUIRE

Something very odd is happening at Ellerton High. Four students have died within the space of a year: Jonas, Arizona, Summer, and now Phoenix. People say they have started to see ghosts and hear the strange sound of thousands of wings beating at once. Darina was Phoenix’s girlfriend and isn’t sure what to think about all the rumors until she sees Phoenix and then the rest of the dead students. Are the Beautiful Dead real or is Darina just losing her sanity? And if they are real what do they want with her?

This is a really good start to a paranormal-mystery-romance series. The pace is fast and there’s loads of cool superpowers and danger as well as the central romance. I thought most of the characters were kind of the same old same old that we see in these paranormal books, but the book has great pacing and description and should be a hit with people that enjoyed Twilight and its ilk. Hopefully the characters are deeper and change as the series goes on. What’s sort of cool is that the Beautiful dead are kind of like a mix between Zombies and Angels, so we have something for everyone!

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