Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Boneshaker by Kate Milford YP FIC MILFORD

Natalie Minks, 13, likes machines, because they make sense. All the cogs turn when they are in the right place. Her small town of Arcane never really has. And when Dr. Jake Limberleg's Nostrum Fair and Technological Medicine Show and begins selling cures to all ailments Natalie is the only one that question his motives. As the town falls more and more under his thrall she realizes she is the only one who will stand against his evil. Set in the beginning of the twentieth century this is a look at the battle between superstition and science, good and evil on the awakening of a new age.

This is definitely a slow burn read, but it is worth the effort. Milford has wonderful descriptive writing that really draws you in if you give it a chance. The story and mystery deepens really nicely and builds to a wonderful climax. Natalie loves automata, or machines that move on their own, so there is a wonderful Steampunk element to the book. It reminded me a lot of Ray Bradbury’s wonderful novel of an evil carnival that comes to a small town: Something Wicked this Way Comes. If you happened to have read that, then you are nearly guaranteed to enjoy The Boneshaker. Also, if you enjoy Boneshaker you absolutely have to check out Something Wicked this Way Comes (SF BRADBURY).

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