Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Orbital 1: Scars by Sylvain Runberg Illustrated by Serge Pellé YP FIC RUNBERG

In the 23rd century aliens have made contact in a big way. An intergalactic federation called the IDF has invited all of humanity to join its ranks. When seperatists blow up an integration conference they kill thousands including Caleb’s. Now years later Caleb has joined the IDF’s elite diplomatic force and been paired with a Sandjarr: an alien race the humans have just finished a war with. While all the universe is against them can too different races put aside the past to overcome the odds?

This is a really impressive start to a sci-fi series. It jumps into a new universe feet first and takes off running. The alien ships and worlds all feel unique and familiar at the same time. The design harkens to classic sci-fi but has a modern European flair. It’s too bad that this is such a thin short volume, but the art is good enough that you may want to read it through several times. I was especially impressed by the coloring. They have a soft, muted feel that give the settings a lived-in feel. I really like all the intergalactic intrigue in the first volume and hope to see how the story develops as the series goes on. If you like sci-fi this comic is for you.

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