Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wednesday Comics edited by Mark Chiarello 741.5973 WEDNESDA

In the good old days of newspapers comics sections had well drawn and riveting adventure strips. These were made obsolete by rising costs of paper and the competition of comic books, but DC is paying homage to the glory days of comics in a BIG way. Wednesday Comics brings the best artists and authors of comics today in new adventures of DC’s biggest heroes and also some of their cult favorites.

This is just a hugely awesome book. The gigantic size makes for really great images and lets you appreciate the skill of the artists. My favorites are the sublimely weird takes on Metamorpho by the ever fascinating and odd Neil Gaiman and Mike Allred and the equally weird and wonderful Adam Strange story by Paul Pope (one of my all time favorite illustrators). I also love the straightforward action of Joe and Adam Kubert’s Sgt. Rock story. Sgt Rock is the ultimate WW II comic and seeing Joe Kubert back drawing the comics he perfected in the 50s and 60s is so cool. All in all if you like super hero comics at all you should read this book, because there are enough different styles that you will definitely find at least a few stories you really dig. I also think fans of indie and artsy comics will find plenty to like too.

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