Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Me and Death: An Afterlife Adventure by Richard Scrimger

Jim is sort of a punk, but that’s okay he’s dead now. Killed by a passing car on his way to bully his favorite victim, he is whisked to a dingy hotel in the sky to see his past and learn the error of his ways. As it turns out he isn’t totally and completely dead yet and he gets a second chance at life to not end up a punk, but will he take it and can he make it?

Yes! Another Dead or Dying Teen Book! I like that this one has a real jerk for the dead teen, it makes it an interesting read. This is a short book that clocks in at less than 200 pages, so even if you hate it you get through it quick! The books length is both a strength and a weakness as Jim isn’t in the afterlife all that long and they don’t explain much about it. All in all this wasn’t the best Dead or Dying teen book, but it was cool to read one that was a little edgier and had more laughs.

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