Monday, July 12, 2010

Silverfin: The Graphic Novel by Charlie Higson illustrated by Kev Walker YP FIC HIGSON

Something dark and deadly slithers in the waters of a Scottish castle. There is only one boy that can uncover the mysteries of the castle and stop a diabolical madman in his plan for global conquest: Bond, James Bond. This is the first adventure of a young James Bond discovering for the first time his innate ability at escaping any danger.

This is a fun and action filled comic with really good art, but not the best pacing. The novel of the same name(also by Higson and well worth reading YP FIC HIGSON) takes more time to set tone and character and by comparison the graphic novels seems to jump around from place to place. However, this is a fun comic in its own right and the finale is well and truly awesome. I just hope that future installments are a little better. If you’re looking for a fun quick comic read or are a young Bond fan, check it out.

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