Monday, August 16, 2010

Batwoman: Elegy by Greg Rucka Illustrated by J.H. Williams III YP FIC RUCKA

She couldn’t be a soldier, so she became a hero. Batwoman. Batwoman: Elegy tells the full origin of Batwoman. Kate Kane was drummed out of West Point for refusing to deny that she is gay. She was inspired by a run in with Batman to use her skills as a soldier in her own war on crime. Now Gotham’s newest protector has to face a new enemy. A madwoman called Alice that thinks she’s from Wonderland and wants to turn Gotham into the world’s largest cemetery. But something ties the two together that will change Batwoman’s world forever.

While I was very happy that this is a great read for female comic fans (they can be rare), this is a great read no matter your gender. First off, the art is totally stunning. Williams detailed pencil work is always worth checking out and the richly colored panels have a paint like quality mixed with an inkwash stule. If you don't recognize the artsy terms don't worry. It just means it looks very incredibly cool.The decision to drastically change art styles between past and present keeps things fresh throughout. The art is so good that you’ll probably want to read it more than once to enjoy it. The action and story all build very well and everything moves super fast. Kate is a great character and may just be one of the better female superheroes out there. She reads very real and human and doesn’t feel like just a Batman in a dress. You know she's a strong female character, realistically portrayed, because none other than Rachel Maddow writes a glowing introduction to the comic praising Kate's characterization. This doesn’t challenge or change the super hero comic mold, but it’s a great example of how good they can be at their best. If you like comics or just good characters, give this one a read.

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