Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Sons of Liberty by Alexander and Joseph Lagos Illustrated by Steve Walker YP FIC LAGOS

Graham and Brody are two runaway slaves looking for freedom in pre-revolution America.
Fate steps in after they are kidnapped and used in scientific experiments by Benjamin Franklin’s demented son. They survive and are now gifted with strange new powers. They learn the ancient African martial art of Dambe from a mysterious abolitionist and decide to use their powers for the freedom of all men.

This is an unusual story. It mixes super heroes and history in a pretty bold way. The main villain thus far is the nefarious Daniel Franklin, who was a real person. So it’s a little odd to see him turned into a comic book super villain that tries to murder children and kills his superior officers. But he sided with King George during the revolution, so who cares if we make up stuff about him. The art is really fun and vibrant with great color work. It definitely has a unique look, so it may not be for everyone. This is the origin story, so while there is some really good action there is a lot of set up too. If you like comics and enjoy historical fiction, then this is a short fun read.

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