Monday, August 9, 2010

Takeru : Opera Susanoh : Sword of the Devil by Kazuki Nakashima Art by Karakarakemuri YP FIC NAKASHIM

Three different warriors all named Takeru have been brought together by fate to find the legendary sword of Susanoh: a sword rumored to bestow ultimate power. The three Takerus have their own motives for seeking the sword and their own secrets to hide. In their way is the war between an evil empire and a race of mysterious Amazonian warrior women. They’ll need all their strength, skills, and luck to survive on this magical quest.

Try saying that title three times fast! Takeru : Opera Susanoh : Sword of the Devil is a good straight forward swordplay manga, but it isn't going to bring much you haven't seen before. It’s got the usual main characters: cocky guy, strong and simple guy, mysterious loner guy. It doesn’t do anything all that new or different, but that’s not always necessary. It is a good fun read with some good action and swordplay right out of the gate. Fans of Bleach and other action Manga should give this one a look.

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