Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Nobody by Jeff Lemire YP FIC LEMIRE

John Griffen was the strangest thing the sleepy small town of Large Mouth (named for the bass) had seen in years. Covered from head to toe in bandages, he seemed to be hiding secrets from everyone. And no one in a small town trusts secrets. no one but 16 year old Vickie, who hates the boring town and is desperate for distraction. But as Griffen's past catches up to him and a disappearance has the town hunting him, Griffen will have to reveal himself. But what if there's really nobody under the bandages?

This is a mind bending mystery that retells The Invisible Man in a small town as a graphic novel. it's definitely a unique idea and if you like books about classic characters reimagined then this is one to look at. Drawn in black, white, and blue the art really captures the bleakness of winter. It's a story about loss of self and how easy it is to disappear completely when we have no one to turn to. So a real smilefest! but seriously, even though it is sad and dark and dismal it's a good kind of sad and dark and dismal. the mystery of what's happening to Griffen and his descent into insanity is really compelling and creepy. If you’re a fan of graphic novels that make you think then there is a lot to like in The Nobody.

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