Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James YP FIC JAMES

Katherine Patterson just wants to be left alone and make it through her last year of high school unnoticed. She changed cities, schools, and even her name to avoid discussing her past, but when she’s befriended by Alice, one of the most popular girls in school, hiding out becomes impossible. As friendship with Alice becomes dark and unhealthy, Katherine finds that she isn’t the only one with secrets. And Alice’s secrets are dangerous.

This is an absolute page turning cannot-put-it-down thriller. The characters seem truly alive and real and the mystery behind Katherine and Alice’s past will keep readers hooked. Alice is a excellent villain, because her slowly revealed malice is truly creepy and unsettling. The short chapters ending with little tidbits that hint at the secrets in Katherine’s past make this a perfect just-one-more-chapter-and-I’ll-go-to-bed book. Don’t be surprised if you have to finish it in just a few sittings. This is my favorite thriller of the year. Fans of realistic thrillers have to pick this one up!

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